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Wolf Moon and The Weather

January 29, 2010

Tonight, I snapped this shot of the Wolf Moon. This site explains:

According to the Farmers Almanac, the Native Americans in the eastern and northern United States kept track of the seasons by naming recurring full moons such as the Wolf Moon. When it was cold, wolves howled hungrily outside the Indian villages. The January full moon was thus named a Wolf Moon.

Wolf Moon Before a Snow Storm

Wolf Moon Before a Snow Storm

Heavy Rains

Last Sunday night, heavy rains pounded portions of Virginia. The nearby Wunderground High Knob weather station measured 2.92 inches on 1/29. The rains caused some road erosion and minor flooding problems in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Northern Shenandoah Valley. The Northern Virginia Daily reports:

Northern Shenandoah Valley residents woke up Monday morning to swollen creeks and washed-out bridges, and for some area children it was yet another day off from school.

Rain gauges recorded anywhere from 2 to 3.5 inches of rain in Shenandoah County, said Department of Fire and Rescue Chief Gary Yew.

Capital Climate reported a record rainfall in Martinsburg, WV as well as even higher totals in areas of Virginia:


8 S STUARTS DRAFT 4.23 951 AM 1/25
5 WNW CROZET 4.06 951 AM 1/25
5 S STUARTS DRAFT 3.28 951 AM 1/25
5 N WAYNESBORO 3.27 951 AM 1/25

Cold Temperatures

Arctic air has poured down into Virginia. The low temp measured last night at Old Dominion Wildlife headquarters was 9.5F, with a high today of 22.3F.

Southern Snowstorm

Of course the big story is the storm entering Virginia from the west expected to dump snow amounts in excess of a foot to some parts of the state. I’ve been closely following the forecast at Capital Weather Gang. See also John Bernier’s WRIC Channel 8 forecast for the Richmond area. Stay tuned for live updates.

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