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The War on Stinkbugs

October 11, 2010

Rethinking my Strategy

Earlier I posted that my preferred method of killing stinkbugs was to squash them in a paper towel. There are a couple of problems with this method. First, they can leak green or red goo that has to be cleaned up. Second, there are just too many of the dang things this year.

Weapons Against Stinkbugs

Stinkbugs in Shopvac

Stinkbugs in Shopvac

A shop vac is a good tool against stinkbugs. Most die from the vacuum cleaner experience. Some survive so I dump them in a bucket of soapy water to get the rest.

Yucky Stinkbug Bucket

Yucky Stinkbug Bucket

Stinkbug Traps

A New Jersey man invented a stinkbug trap, with instructions provided. The concept makes sense as I’ve seen several that like to hibernate in our honeycomb shades. I haven’t built his trap yet.

I’ve experimented with a glass full of soapy water containing a light-up plastic ice cube to attract the nuisance stinkbugs, but without success. I had better luck this weekend with good, old-fashioned fly paper. Several were trapped with this method.

Stinkbugs on Flypaper

Stinkbugs on Flypaper

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