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2012 Snow Statistics

January 6, 2013

Ian Livingston of the Capital Weather Gang recently reported on the unsnowy state of affairs in Washington DC, as measured at Arlington, Virginia’s National Airport:

…It’s been almost two years since Washington’s last “real” snow event – the so-called “Commutageddon” storm of January 26, 2011 – when 5 inches blanketed the city. Yes, we’ve seen a *little* snow since then, but nothing proving more than a nuisance, if that.

We now have a running stretch of 708 days without a 2 inch or greater snowfall, the longest span on record dating back to the late 1800s…

It hasn’t been quite that bad in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Virginia, but it does say something that the largest snowfall of 2012 was the 3″ we got the day after Christmas.

Cumulative Calendar Year Snowfall Chart

Cumulative Calendar Year Snowfall Chart

Calendar Year Snowfall Data Table

Calendar Year Snowfall Data Table

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