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How To Dispose of a Tick

July 15, 2013

Here’s a little trick I learned from the (now defunct) PATC Trails Forum. When you get a tick off of you, put it in scotch tape and fold the tape over on top of the tick so it cannot get out. Then simply, throw the tape (with the tick) away.

This Tick is Completely Surrounded by Tape

This Tick is Completely Surrounded by Tape. There is No Escape.

I used to try putting ticks on a hard surface and cutting/smashing it with a knife or flushing ticks down the toilet. Whether a toilet flush will kill a tick is debatable and setting it down to attack it with a knife gives it an opportunity to escape. I think the tape and trash method is the best way to dispose of ticks.

Any other thoughts on how to get rid of ticks?

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