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November 2013 Mountain Lions in Virginia Update

November 30, 2013

Latest Reports

Terry writes:

On Sunday night, November 3rd, what I thought was my neighbor’s golden retriever came bounding up the hill toward me. When it closed in to about 15 yards I think my large my dogs scared it and it disappeared up a tree. It was not a dog at all; I believe it to have been a cougar. Live in Centreville off Rte 29

Dewain writes:

My son on Sunday the 10th was on a trail in Surry Va just outside of Claremont Va when he saw what he believes to be a cougar about the height of a German Shepard walk across a path it was a was from him he said the tail appeared to be as long as the body it was brown with some black on the tail.

Kendra writes:

I know black mountain lions are supposedly rare, but, I saw one in Front Royal, VA in July of this year. I leaped from a high, heavily forested median on Route 66 heading towards the Rt 66/Rt 81 intersection, like it was trying to cross the highway to get to the forest on the other side. It hit the vehicle two cars in front of me.

I originally thought it was a bear and then a big dog but the rippling muscles and black shiny fur were unlike anything I had ever seen on a bear or a dog. It was way too muscular to be a dog and had a long tail, like a cougar. The car it hit pulled over to inspect the damage, as did a few other cars. After mulling it over during the rest of my trip, I looked up photos online and definitely know it was a panther, cougar, mountain lion, or whatever you’d like to call it.

Brian writes:

I saw one while fishing Irish creek in rockbridge co. two years ago. scared the carp our of me. there have been numerous sightings over the past year in the area

Carol writes:

Haven’t seen one, but have heard the screams late at night. Must be a mountain lion. I am in Wise County also.


Have you seen a cougar/mountain lion in Virginia? If so, please describe in the comments!

Do you think mountain lions exist in Virginia?  If so, do you think they are:

  1. Exotic pets that escaped or have been turned loose?
  2. Western mountain lions that have migrated?
  3. A native population that has always been here?
  4. A combination of the above?

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One Response to November 2013 Mountain Lions in Virginia Update

  1. JJ Lewis
    February 12, 2014 at 9:43 am

    I lived in Montana, and have seen quite a few mountain lions, up close and personal. Since moving back to NW NC, bordering SW Va. and Tn. in the Blue Ridge mountains, I have had three lions on my property and plainly identified the tracks, the back pad is scalloped and the point is curved slightly downward and almost flat instead of an upward point like a dog, tail drag in between the prints, straight track – almost looking like only two feet instead of four, for they step into their own foot prints. . Evidently, there have been quite a few sightings in the county this winter, for one, I am glad. Though I DO HATE to hear them scream in the middle of the night!!!! 🙂

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