July, August, and September 2014 Virginia Mountain Lions Update | Old Dominion Wildlife

July, August, and September 2014 Virginia Mountain Lions Update

October 9, 2014

The following reports of Virginia mountain lions were received during the last two months:

Old Dominion Wildlife Reports and Comments

[July 2014: No Reports Received]

Rachel writes (8/1/2014):

I live alongside Fairfax County Parkway, on the border of Reston and Herndon, VA. I was parking on the street two weeks ago and something catlike ran in front of the car and continued into the forest across the street. I stared at it trying to wrap my mind around what I was seeing, because it didn’t make sense! I thought at first that it could be a bobcat, but it had the face structure of a tiger and had a long tail. It was maybe 3-4 feet long and wasn’t a solid tan color– Maybe a baby mountain lion? No one believes me, of course, but it moved like a cat. Not sure what else it would be.

Les writes (8/10/2014):

I live in northern Bedford County. This past June a neighbor reported to me that while on his way to work along Charlemont Rd. he encountered a mountain lion near the entrance to my driveway. He described it to be about the size and color of a tan lab, having a long tail, and a cat head. It bounded into thick brush beside the road as he approached.

Chris writes (8/31/2014):

In 2012 we were in Blacksburg for a VT football game in Nov. After the game we were planning a weekend at the Homestead in Hot Springs. We followed our vehicle GPS directions which lead us off the major roads into the mountains at night. Because of the small road, darkness and deep drop offs we were going slow, as we slowly came around a turn my g-friend saw a large cat on the rocks jump up a rock to a ledge and vanished into the darkness. She saw the cat, I caught the movement of something large jumping.

Ashleigh writes (9/1/2014):

We have had sightings of a rather large cat on our property pretty regularly. My husband opened our front door last night to find it on our front steps. It was dark and raining so he couldn’t get a good look as it truly scared him as well. We put a camera up last night and a pound of turkey breast and have a very clear video of the animal. We are trying to figure out what type of cat can eat 1 lb. of lunch meat in under a minute, larger then a barn cat and long tail with stripes? I’m assuming this is the animal that has made our 6 chickens disappear as well. Thanks!

[Note: I have not yet seen the video]

Scotty writes (9/4/2014):

September 4 my son checked his trail camera and to our surprize there appear to be a cougar on it. I have heard stories of them but never seen one here where i have lived all my life. The camera as three good pictures of the cougar. I live in henry county virginia.

[Note: I have not yet the pictures]

John Lutz writes (9/7/2014):

This new rash of cougar-mountain lion sightings are underway in central Virginia: On August 17th, what appeared to be an adult cougar, was seen by at least 2 & possibly more motorists along U.S. Rte 250, east of the Shenandoah National Park Boundary. “a retired zoologist had left his grand-daughter off at the U. of Virginia, and was returning home, when “a definite adult puma ran suddenly across highway 40-50 feet ahead”..
2 days later, motorist #2 driving west, noted a “very large cat, resembling the old Ford Cougar Advertisement on TV, suddenly emerged from woods, rapidly ran across U.S. Rte 250″. Both motorists called Virginia’s Game & Inland Fish Agency in Charlottesville, to be told, “Va. has no wild cougars/pumas, you probably saw a bobcat”!! Which both motorists argued with officer, as it being an actual cougar-puma or mountain lion”. But VGIF officer had already hung up his phone….
Over last weekend, a retired FBI Agent claimed seeing, a “4-legged Black Panther, which are claimed in 19% of all big cat sightings”. Being a trained observer, his report holds loads of substance!
“Has Virginia’s mountaneous terrain, become the last stronghold of the ‘native, wild, free-roaming cougar-puma-mountain lion, whose ancestors have wandered the Appalachian Mountains from NW Georgia to the Eastern Canadian wilderness of eastern Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick & Nova Scotia since the early 17th century”???
This data has been found in the hand-written journals of numerous Canadian early Trappers and Hunters??? It a well known fact: wild cougars are NOT extinct in the eastern U.S.!!!

Sam writes (9/7/2014):

Two different mountain lion sitings in 2014 on blue ridge mountain rd between mt weather emergency ops ctr and Rt 50. …by two different people about 7 months apart. Bluemont/Paris Va. Both were close enough to see it’s whiskers as it crossed rd in front of them….definitely Not bobcats or domesticated

Jim writes (9/23/2014):

Saw a cougar in Dunn Loring Woods development immediately behind Dunn Loring Metro crossing street fifteen feet in front of me. L was walking my miniature long haired dachshund who would not stop barking. It appears as a blur on my security camera on 2014-09-22 at 04:21:54 am. It kept its long tail up in the air and ran close to the ground. I have the camera set to 8 frames a second and it took 6 frames to cross the street (less than one second). So, it you want to get a usable picture I would recommend 64 frames a second or faster…

Mountain Lions in the News

Fairfax County authorities set up cameras after possible cougar sightings on Old Mount Vernon Road

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2 Responses to July, August, and September 2014 Virginia Mountain Lions Update

  1. October 10, 2014 at 10:53 am

    I THANK you for sharing all the Virginia sightings being reported across Virginia. We live by this old adage: “There are just too many reports, by eye-witnesses from such various backgrounds as: professionally trained wildlife/game, military officers, elementary, high-school & college teachers/professors, physicians, medical trauma specialists. Yet wildlife agency officials, NOT local field officers, continue a policy to ignore every report. 40% of all witnesses, have various professional backgrounds, yet are treated as if they lack all common sense, when calling an agency to report a free-roaming cougar-puma-mountain lion!! On this October 10th morning, I have received 2 new reports from Virginia Residents. 1) from western Shenandoah County near Colimbia Furnace & #2) along U.S. Route 211 on Massanutten Mountain in Page County from a D.C. Medical Specialist from a western state….

  2. Layne Cox
    December 7, 2014 at 9:26 am

    Friday 5 Dec. 2014 Taking my hired help home at about 1130 am. Turned at Sweetwater pump off route 33 in Hartfield Va. Spotted something in the field on my right that didn’t look right, slowed way down to watch a LARGE BLACk CAT, it was less than 80 yds away. Cat stood over 2 1/2 feet tall and about 6 ft long nose to the tip of tail. Not at all concerned that it had been seen. It looked at us while it walked into the woods. Didn’t know where to report it. There was a puma spotted and reported in Urbanna @ 2 years ago.

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