October, November, December 2014 Mountain Lions in Virginia Update | Old Dominion Wildlife

October, November, December 2014 Mountain Lions in Virginia Update

January 14, 2015

Here is the latest batch of mountain lion reports and stories:

Old Dominion Wildlife Reports and Comments

Mariah writes (10/08/2014):

9/6/14-I was driving through surry near proctors bridge rd very lost and scared as I’m from Portsmouth. I was trying to get to my sisters house in Windsor and made a bad turn I guess around 6. It was bright and as I came around a bend I saw straight ahead in the middle of the road sat a big black cat. I thought at first it was a bear bc it was black but when it turned to leap into the field it had a long thick tail. I was sure at that moment I had just seen a panther in Surry County VA

John Lutz writes (10/10/2014):

I THANK you for sharing all the Virginia sightings being reported across Virginia. We live by this old adage: “There are just too many reports, by eye-witnesses from such various backgrounds as: professionally trained wildlife/game, military officers, elementary, high-school & college teachers/professors, physicians, medical trauma specialists. Yet wildlife agency officials, NOT local field officers, continue a policy to ignore every report. 40% of all witnesses, have various professional backgrounds, yet are treated as if they lack all common sense, when calling an agency to report a free-roaming cougar-puma-mountain lion!! On this October 10th morning, I have received 2 new reports from Virginia Residents. 1) from western Shenandoah County near Colimbia Furnace & #2) along U.S. Route 211 on Massanutten Mountain in Page County from a D.C. Medical Specialist from a western state

[November 2014: No Reports Received]

Layne writes (12/07/2014):

Friday 5 Dec. 2014 Taking my hired help home at about 1130 am. Turned at Sweetwater pump off route 33 in Hartfield Va. Spotted something in the field on my right that didn’t look right, slowed way down to watch a LARGE BLACk CAT, it was less than 80 yds away. Cat stood over 2 1/2 feet tall and about 6 ft long nose to the tip of tail. Not at all concerned that it had been seen. It looked at us while it walked into the woods. Didn’t know where to report it. There was a puma spotted and reported in Urbanna @ 2 years ago.

Mountain Lion in Kentucky

Although not in Virginia, this is a major story of a confirmed mountain lion in a neighboring state. Bourbon County, Kentucky is only about 100 miles from West Virginia. The Courier-Journal reports:

A Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife officer killed a mountain lion on a Bourbon County farm on Monday, marking the first confirmed sighting of a mountain lion in Kentucky since before the Civil War…

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