June, July, August, September 2015 Mountain Lions in Virginia Update | Old Dominion Wildlife

June, July, August, September 2015 Mountain Lions in Virginia Update

October 4, 2015

Is there anything out there?

Is there anything out there?

The following reports/comments were received over this past summer:

Tom M. writes 6/5/2015:

I have seen tracks and seen many pics from trail cams. The cats run the coyotes off or eat them, so the couple of large farmers I know don’t mind them at all. It does cause me to carry some 00 buckshot with me when I’m grouse hunting! they stay away from people, unlike CA where developments have encroached upon their domain. If one wanted to attack a person you probably wouldn’t know it till it had you on the ground anyway! when you see a big big cat that has a tail as long as it’s body you will become a believer.

Samantha N. writes 6/22/2015:

I use to live in Linden, Va …saw two up there …they are treed by dogs? There were ALWAYS missing dog signs all over the place… They inhabit our woods for sure!!! I believe we may have wolves too …have never seen a black coyote TWICE its normal size out where I live lol. Government probably doesn’t want them hunted so why inform the public??

“Common Sense” writes 7/13/2015:

JohnO is correct. Without supporting physical evidence in the form of lion scat, a lion body, scientifically measured paw prints, a photo of a lion taken somewhere means nothing.

John Lutz writes 7/19/2015:

renewed reports of wild, free-roving cougars-pumas-mountain lions have increased along both sides of Shenandoah National Park-Forest, from Warren County SOUTH to Nelson County since the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, declared the eastern cougar-mountain lion, to be extinct on April Fools in 2011. Latest sightings by professional observers are 100% positive, the eastern American Lion never left central Virginia’s Shenandoah Mountains. If you have or know of a recent sighting, contact us at epuma@frontier.com

Tom D. writes 8/4/2015:

My friend and I were on the AT in SNP from 25 Sep to 29 Sep 2013. We saw a mountain lion at about 0900 one mile north of Elkwallow Picnic Area. When we told a Park Ranger at Skyland of our sighting, she told us we were dreaming. I can assure you, neither of us were dreaming when we saw the mountain lion. He went off into the woods about 75 yards to our front, and kept going. No doubt of what it was, and it was no kitty cat or bobcat.

[September 2015 – No Reports Received]

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One Response to June, July, August, September 2015 Mountain Lions in Virginia Update

  1. Lisa
    October 22, 2015 at 11:05 pm

    Last week, close to 3pm, I saw a large black cat-like animal streaking through medium dense woods. It was so fast that I barely got more than two glimpses of it’s hunched back as it bounded in and out of low tree limbs. I live in a gated community in McLean, VA that has typical wildlife expected for this region (fox, geese…) and residents keep their dogs on leashes. I’ve lived in this town my entire life and on this property for 20yrs and never have seen a wildcat, moreover a solid black one. This cat was the size of a large shepherd dog but it’s movement was that of a pouncing cat that covered a span of maybe 15ft in the blink of an eye.

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