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Fox in the Yard

Fox in the Backyard

I’ve seen this fox a few times lately in our yard. A couple times I even saw it chasing a squirrel, but both times the squirrel got away. I think it’s a red fox despite the darker coloration on its…

Mangy Bear

My daughters spotted this mangy black bear walking across the backyard this PM. I didn’t get a picture, but a few minutes later a male bear appeared to be following this one, perhaps looking for a mate.

“Bear Toy”

My neighbor James M. shared this photo he took of a bear with a traffic cone. Someone had placed a cone along the side of our road where recent heavy rains caused damaged. A black bear evidently took the cone…


Last Sunday, we took the girls to Pen Druid brewery in Sperryville, Virginia. It’s not cheap, but I really like their wild IPAs. Also, it’s a family-friendly brewery as they have blocks for kids to play with inside and, even…