The End of Winter

March 9, 2016
Melting Snow

This picture is from yesterday, Tuesday March 8, 2016. Today the snow was gone with our 79F spring heat wave and one of my favorite John Prine songs, Souvenirs, came to mind: All the snow has turned to water. Christmas days have come and gone. Broken toys and faded colors, are all that’s left to…

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A Nice March Snow

March 4, 2016
A Norfolk Southern SD40-2 leads a freight train up hill on slippery rails

Last night, we picked up 1.5″ of snow. It looked pretty, but wasn’t disruptive as the roads were in good shape. After taking my daughter to the bus stop this morning, I got a picture of Norfolk Southern Train 36Q slowing climbing up through the cut at Linden Hill. Notice the tops of the rails…

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Virginia Names State Snake

February 26, 2016
Virginia Names State Snake reports: The Senate gave final approval to legislation Thursday that would designate the eastern garter the official snake. The legislation survived an unsuccessful amendment aimed at making the timber rattlesnake the official state snake instead.

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Shoveling a Gravel Driveway

February 12, 2016
A Shoveled Gravel Driveway

This past Tuesday, we picked up 3.25 inches of snow here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Virginia. Instead of shoveling the whole driveway, I shoveled tracks approximately 57″ from center to center to align with our vehicles. I suppose with a paved driveway, the center could melt and refreeze on the cleared tracks,…

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Snowshoeing at the Virginia State Arboretum

January 30, 2016
View from the Virginia State Arboretum

After the big ’09 snow storm, I ordered a pair of snowshoes. It’s not too often that I get to use them, but we went out for a little hiking at the Virginia State Arboretum today. Buy snowshoes

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Blizzard of 2016

January 24, 2016
Girls Sledding

Some call it Snowzilla, some call it Winter Storm Jonas, but however you name it, the winter storm brought blizzard conditions and very high snowfall totals to portions of the Virginias yesterday. The snow began around midday Friday here in eastern Warren County, Virginia and lasted through most of Saturday. I measured 28″ here in…

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October, November, December 2015 Mountain Lions in Virginia Update

January 7, 2016
Low Clouds at Manassas Gap

Evidence of Eastern Mountain Lions The skeptics always say that if there were mountain lions in the eastern U.S., then there would be evidence in the form of road kills and trail camera pictures. Well, there was recently a road kill in Connecticut and a trail cam picture in Tennessee. We also have evidence in…

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2016 Railroad Photography Calendar

December 19, 2015
NS Train 214 passes a redbud tree in Markham, Va on 4/29/2015.

Besides wildlife photography, I’ve also been enjoying railroad photography for the past few years. This year, I put together a 12 month 2016 calendar comprised of photographs of trains along Norfolk Southern’s B-line running betweeen Manassas and Front Royal, Virginia. This is a very scenic rail line passing through quaint towns, farms, and mountains. If…

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November 2, 2015
Buck in the Yard

Today I spotted this buck in the front yard.

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Shenandoah River Raymond R. “Andy” Guest Jr. State Park

October 25, 2015
View from Cullers Overlook

Camping at Shenandoah River State Park Last Friday, we went camping at the Shenandoah River State Park in Bentonville, Virginia. Here’s a picture Kristy took of the girls. The River Right Campground in the park is the tent camping area in the park. The campground is spread-out more than those at most other parks so…

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Two Deer on A Fall Day

October 20, 2015
Two Deer on A Fall Day

Yesterday, I spotted these two deer in our front yard.

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Little Washington Winery View

October 18, 2015
Little Washington Winery View

Yesterday we met a good friend and his family at the Little Washington Winery Oyster Festival. The oysters, from the Chesapeake Bay near the Nanticoke River, were delicious. As for the wine, we enjoyed tasting their Sauvignon blanc and a red blend entitled Shindig. In other news, last night we had our first freeze of…

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June, July, August, September 2015 Mountain Lions in Virginia Update

October 4, 2015
June, July, August, September 2015 Mountain Lions in Virginia Update

The following reports/comments were received over this past summer: Tom M. writes 6/5/2015: I have seen tracks and seen many pics from trail cams. The cats run the coyotes off or eat them, so the couple of large farmers I know don’t mind them at all. It does cause me to carry some 00 buckshot…

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