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January/February 2014 Mountain Lion Reports

March 1, 2014

Several updates on mountain lions in Virginia: Photographic Evidence First, a few folks have requested that I verify the image I posted of a mountain lion photographed near Montebello, Virginia: From John 1/2/14: The photo means nothing unless it can be proven it was taken at the claimed location. From HeidR 1/4/14: Agreed JohnO. I’ve…

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December 2013 Update: Mountain Lion Photographed!

December 31, 2013
Jeffrey M. Photograph Submitted of Mountain Lion in Montebello, Virginia

Photographic Evidence In addition to several new sighting reports (listed below), this month I received a photograph from Jeffrey M. who writes: I live in Montebello VA, just up the Parkway from Sherando/Love. I have a photo of a Mountain Lion during daylight taken back in October 2013… The Parkway is protected federal land with…

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November 2013 Mountain Lions in Virginia Update

November 30, 2013

Latest Reports Terry writes: On Sunday night, November 3rd, what I thought was my neighbor’s golden retriever came bounding up the hill toward me. When it closed in to about 15 yards I think my large my dogs scared it and it disappeared up a tree. It was not a dog at all; I believe…

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August 2013 Mountain Lions in Virginia Update

August 2, 2013
August 2013 Mountain Lions in Virginia Update

According to my web stats, mountain lion sighting articles are among the most searched for and looked-at pages on this site. It’s been several months since my last update in March 2013 so here is a listing of new reports I have received. I will do a monthly update going forward. The following new reports…

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December 2012 Update on Mountain Lions in Virginia

December 22, 2012

I’ve been receiving a steady stream of information about mountain lion sightings in Virginia over the past year: From Eric: A guy I rode the bus with (when I used to catch it at Linden) saw one in 2007. He lived 10 minutes from the park and ride there. He had also seen some deer…

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Free Eastern Mountain Lions Book

December 20, 2012

Free Eastern Cougar Book From the Yahoo Eastern Mountain Lions Discussion Group: A free pdf download is available from of The Ghost of North America, The Story of the Eastern Panther by Bruce S. Wright. The book focuses on New Brunswick, Canada, but details other sightings and evidence. I enjoyed reading the book very…

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