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Fox on the Tracks

May 13, 2019
Fox By the Railroad Tracks

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Fox in the Yard

April 12, 2018
Fox in the Backyard

I’ve seen this fox a few times lately in our yard. A couple times I even saw it chasing a squirrel, but both times the squirrel got away. I think it’s a red fox despite the darker coloration on its back.

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Fox in A Snowy Field

February 25, 2015
Zoomed In

Yesterday, I happened to see this fox along Rte 55 near Markham in Fauquier County, Virginia.

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Red Fox

February 22, 2008
Red Fox

I captured my first red fox on film today during the fourth ice storm of the season. The image quality is not very good due to the fact the fox was on the move and also because the picture was taken through a kitchen window.

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